Wednesday, April 12, 2017

where do i go from here?

                       I am stuck.  Feral Creatures has already grown in length and scope. Do I keep expanding and growing the story and if so when do i stop? It was meant to be a tight and fast paced, focusing on a couple of characters.

                       Sometimes the story and logic demands explanations. Damn you logic! I need to trust my readers and their intelligence. Not everything needs to be spoon fed to them. They can connect the dots without a trail of breadcrumbs. Yes, I demand a lot from my readers and myself. I hope in return I deliver an exciting, enjoyable good story that makes them want more.

                      It is also the voices of doubt in my own and those belonging to others. I love some constructive criticism but at what point does listening to them take away your own voice.

                   But what to I know?


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Plugging away

 Just finished another chapter of  Feral Creatures. I can the see the finish line in the distance and it's getting closer.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

a little light music to start your day

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

from my WIP

       "   The sun had been up for a few hours already, when he snuck out of the house. Hightailing it all the way home. He had to pick his way around some bodies, careful not to wake anyone. If he did, he would probably be dead before he got to the front door. Just have to make it to out the door, i can do this. It seemed to take forever to reach it. Every noise sent a new jolt of fear through his body.

         The fear mixed with something else. Lust. By god that was fucking hot last night. The best almost sex he ever had. They did everything but the actual fucking. Brogan ate his ass and finger banged him into delirium., stopping to have Billy suck his cock, his throat bulged from the thickness. Ass and jaw sore, he sprinted into the morning light. He checked his pocket every couple of minutes to make sure the diamonds were still there. "

The working title is The Wolf and The Sparrow, a crime thriller and mm romance.

Does this spark your interest?

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Blessing in Disguise

          At least I did yesterday. I was in a zone yesterday, the words for once were coming easy. A rare thing for me, usually it's a glorious struggle.  Then I hit a couple of the wrong keys. Which ones? I have no idea. The screen goes blank.

           The best part of it all?  I lost 23 pages of my WIP. I wanted to curl up and die. Devastated does not begin to describe how i was feeling. After raging for a moment, my inner Pollyana took control. You were going to rewrite it anyway? Weren't you going to add some new dialogue?

          Bitching and moaning for days on end, will get me nowhere. So i will buckle down and get the work done.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

character inspiration

                         I like to set up a board of photos of who or what inspires me for a certain piece.  I find having a sort of look/mood board helps inspire me. Of course they the muse and the character are not complete clones. They are my template that i can impose my vision. A little pretentious, sounding? Ehhh.

                          For a current WIP, as of yet unnamed, my  muse du jour are Conor McGregor and Sean Ford.

                         McGregor, an mma champion and stud, is the perfect stand in for Dublin born Brogan. A hot tempered, crime boss who is tough as nails and bit crazy and arrogant. A man of base instincts and desires. Fuck it or kill it. I must dominate all i survey.

                             Sean Ford, adult film star, is my Billy who's name i will be changing. A damaged young man. Scarred, physically and emotionally, He survives by gogo dancing and other gigs. Tired of just surviving and is desperate to make a big move. Billy is sexy who still has some innocence. Sean pictures fit that bill.

Of course, I have no idea have either of them are like in real. It is what they inspire in me and my imagination that i transpose on my characters. They act like a focus.

Am i alone in this?