Saturday, March 25, 2017

a little light music to start your day

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

from my WIP

       "   The sun had been up for a few hours already, when he snuck out of the house. Hightailing it all the way home. He had to pick his way around some bodies, careful not to wake anyone. If he did, he would probably be dead before he got to the front door. Just have to make it to out the door, i can do this. It seemed to take forever to reach it. Every noise sent a new jolt of fear through his body.

         The fear mixed with something else. Lust. By god that was fucking hot last night. The best almost sex he ever had. They did everything but the actual fucking. Brogan ate his ass and finger banged him into delirium., stopping to have Billy suck his cock, his throat bulged from the thickness. Ass and jaw sore, he sprinted into the morning light. He checked his pocket every couple of minutes to make sure the diamonds were still there. "

The working title is The Wolf and The Sparrow, a crime thriller and mm romance.

Does this spark your interest?